Why Mama Cinia's?

Mama Cinia (lower right) with her husband (Papa Mar) & their 5 sons!


For Mama Cinia, instead of a greeting, it's normal tohear her say "Hungry? Eat, Eat! Eat more!" 


After raising 5 boys who went on to become successful men living all across the globe, from her home archipelago of the Philippines, to San Jose & San Diego, California, to as far as a US Naval Station in Spain; Mama Cinia's legacy quickly came in the form of her cooking. She spent decades traveling all over the world, raising and feeding a growing army of grandchildren (13 strong).  Around the dinner table, Mama Cinia's cooking became a symbol of decades of family tradition, hope, and love. Now, served for the first time to the public,  you too can taste the dishes that brought a family from all over the world together. 

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